Vision, mission and ambitions

Efterårsblade der flyder på vandet
Explore our 2025 vision and find our three most important missions.

Our 2025 vision

Through electrification, digitalisation and consolidation, EWII wants to develop an infrastructure that provides for a 100% greenhouse gas-free energy system, safe access to drinking water based on groundwater, and a customer experience that retains and develops the customers and involves them in their everyday challenges related to a sustainable environment and digitalisation. In short:


We want to be the most customer-focused and strongest utility supermarket in Denmark.


As part of the digitalisation process and as a special contribution to the Triangle Region, EWII will give all inhabitants and businesses in the Triangle Region fibre network access. The fibre network will be extended to provide an infrastructure with the same coverage, security of supply and widespread use as applies to electricity, water and heating.

Electrification will be made possible through our infrastructure and through digitalisation, and commercially developed in areas in which EWII may achieve or has a realistic possibility for achieving the position as a market leader.

Our mission

The EWII Group has three important missions

  1. Digital infrastructure and fibre society

    We want to build tomorrow’s digital infrastructure and create tomorrow's fibre society.
  2. 100 percent greenhouse gas free

    We want to contribute to developing a 100 percent greenhouse gas free energy system.
  3. Ensure drinking water

    We want to ensure drinking water based on groundwater.