Vision, mission and ambitions

Efterårsblade der flyder på vandet
Explore our 2028 vision and learn about our five most important missions.

Our 2028 vision

EWII wants to be a pioneer company in climate and environmentally friendly utilities in Denmark. We want to make our customers proud of choosing EWII, and we want to engage our customers in the green transition in a welcoming and easily accessible way. With up-to-date and value-creating technologies, we will foster the conditions for customers, society, and ourselves to make the world a better place.

With democratic ideals and clear opinions and solutions, we will contribute to ensure global responsibility based on the local community and fellowship.

We will support society's electrification as well as nature and health considerations. We want to strengthen the trustworthy and curious dialogue and contribute to the green transition will be made as efficient, targeted, and cheap as possible.

Our mission

The EWII Group has five important missions

  1. We will ensure unimpeded access to electricity, water, heating, and internet.
  2. We want to contribute to developing a 100 percent greenhouse gas-free energy system.
  3. We want to ensure drinking water based on groundwater.
  4. We want to be the commercially service-oriented, customer-focused, and strongest utility supermarket in Denmark.
  5. We will integrate our customers and business digitally.