Group finan­cial high­lights

Find the most recent highlights for 2023.

Fast speeding business

As 2023 began, the energy crisis was still raging. By the time the year ended, most things had calmed down.

Although some things went significantly better than others, the important thing about 2023 was that the business was in control in virtually all areas. Even though 2023 was also the year when, among other things, climate change turned into specific major emergency incidents. Particularly the storm surge in October 2023 was a challenge.

2023 was also the year in which EWII launched a major investment in the battery area, which has been overlooked in the Danish energy landscape so far.

In the charging area, EWIIs network of publicly accessible charging stations has grown rapidly and has been significantly strengthened by winning several municipal tenders. At the end of the year, EWII opened possibly Denmark's most beautiful charging station at Copenhagen Airport – a prestigious project that decorates both the airport and EWII.


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