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EWII is a multipurpose utility company offering electricity, heat, water, fibre broadband and fibre optic cabling to private households.

Green and sustainable electricity

Our aim is to make a real difference in the move towards more sustainable and green energies. That is why we now ensure that all customers receive electricity that is 100 percent certified green electricity from renewable energy sources.

We have 3 electricity products to choose from:

  1. Green Future (Grøn Fremtid)
    Your price for electricity is based on renewable energy from solar and wind. The price varies from hour to hour and includes donations to climate improvement projects.

  2. Green Wholesale Price (Grøn Indkøbspris)
    Your electricity price follows developments in the electricity market and varies from hour to hour.

  3. Green Standard (Grøn Standard)
    Our most popular product. Your price for electricity is determined every quarter based on the price on the electricity market. For customers who prefer a more stable price.

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Fibre broadband and fibre optic cabling

In order to receive fibre broadband, you need to have fibre optic cabling connected to your home. 4 out of 5 households in the Triangle Region already have access to fibre optic cabling. We are currently working on expanding the fibre optic network to the entire Triangle Region. Learn more about the project (in Danish).

EWII also supplies fibre broadband services, which gives you a fast internet connection and stable wifi.

Fibre broadband from EWII comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our fibre broadband service, we will give you your money back.

We offer a wide range of fibre broadband products, so regardless of your internet needs, we have a product that match.

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Home Energy Advice

Where can you save energy in your home? Find out by calling us for free telephone advice at 73 63 30 70 or by ordering a home Energy Check.

With a home Energy Check, a professional energy consultant will visit your home, look at your energy consumption patterns and help identify where you have opportunities to save money.

Before you call, please make sure to have your installation number ready as well as your latest invoice.

Environmentally friendly heating

At EWII we believe in sustainable heating. Depending on where you live, we supply district heating and heat pumps.

District heating

District heating is an environmentally friendly and economically advantageous heating source. We supply surplus heat from the Shell Refinery in Fredericia, incineration of waste in Kolding as well as from Skærbækværket. Heating services are automatic to those living within our service area and are provided in partnership with TREFOR.

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Heat pumps

If you live in an area without district heating, you can replace your old oil furnace with a heat pump. When you choose an air to water heat pump from EWII, you heat your home with greener and more climate-friendly energy and you will save money on your heating bill.

Replacing your old oil furnace is easy. EWII takes care of the entire process, from dismantling your current boiler to installation of your new energy efficient heat pump.

With a subscription plan, you have no unforeseen expenses for statutory service or regular repairs during the contract period. It is included in your monthly subscription.

Learn more about heat pumps (in Danish)

Drinking water of the highest quality

We place high demands on our water extractions and only offer our customers drinking water of the very highest quality.

Like heat, water services are automatic to those living within our service area and are provided in partnership with TREFOR.

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