Reminder process

There is what happens when you do not pay your invoice on time.

First Reminder:

If we do not receive timely payment of your monthly invoice, we will send a first reminder. A reminder fee of DKK 100.00 will be added to your next invoice for this service.

Second Reminder:

If you still do not pay your overdue invoice we will send you a second reminder. An additional reminder fee of DKK 100.00 will be added to your next invoice. If your invoice(s) are still not paid, we will demand a deposit payment. This amount will typically correspond to approx. five months’ electricity consumption. The deposit amount will be made clear in this second reminder.

Third Reminder:

In this notice, we demand a deposit payment. This is an amount which must be provided as security for future payments. If you pay the deposit payment, your electricity supply will not be disconnected. Should you choose only to pay the deposit then you will still have an overdue balance. This balance will be recovered through an external debt collection agency. It will result in additional costs for you.

Payment of the deposit will not exempt you from paying your future invoices. They must still be paid as they fall due. If you pay your monthly invoices as they fall due for 12 consecutive months, the deposit provided will be refunded to you.

Contract Termination (Disconnection Notice):

If we do not receive the deposit payment in due time, we will terminate your electricity contract. The termination becomes effective three working days after you have received the notice. Furthermore, the letter will inform you of the estimated date, which your electricity will be disconnected.

You cannot prevent the disconnection by paying the electrician who comes to disconnect your electricity. A disconnection fee will be charged to your account.

You can avoid the disconnection of your electricity supply; if you enter into a new electricity contract with another electricity supplier; and if the new supplier starts supplying electricity to you no later than the day before we carry out the disconnection.

Should your electricity supply become disconnected, you must enter into a new electricity contract and pay a reconnection fee to restore your electricity supply.

Should you still want EWII to supply your electricity, it is important that you contact our debt collection department as soon as possible after having received the contract termination letter.

See an example of the contract termination notice (opens in a new window)

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Invoices and payments

FAQ about invoices

Find out more about invoices and payments as an EWII customer. You will find answers to how to set up automatic payments and how to change your payment method.