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EWII collects personal data at ewii.dk and the related domain ewii.dk/login to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our customers and other visitors. Please note that when you visit these sites, you accept our privacy policy and use of cookies. Below you can read about the data that we collect, how we process these data and who to contact if you have any questions or comments on our terms.

We do not collect data that are not described in our privacy policy, just as we do not collect data that could be attributed to you without also telling you how you can prevent this if you wish.

At ewii.dk and ewii.dk/login, we use cookies to improve your experience. A cookie is a small data file that is saved in your web browser and can be read either by the systems behind ewii.dk and ewii.dk/login or one of our business partners. A cookie is not a program that runs on your computer and a cookie is not a virus or spyware. Most browsers allow you to change the settings for the cookies that will be installed on your computer. Generally, you must be aware that as an Internet user, you leave an electronic trail, and that this gives others the chance to follow your movements on the Internet. 
For further information about our use of cookies, please see EWII's cookie policy, which is also available at ewii.dk.

EWII stores the collected personal data for as long as is necessary in order to provide a good service to visitors to ewii.dk and ewii.dk/login. You always have the opportunity to be informed of the personal data we have registered about you. You can object to any registration in accordance with the applicable data protection rules.

The data we collect about you may be divided into two categories:

1. Data that can be attributed to you as a person
2. Data that are not personally identifiable

Personally identifiable data

Everyone is welcome to visit ewii.dk and ewii.dk/login, but to fully benefit from all functionalities and offers, you will be required in a number of situations to identify yourself. Examples of cases where you provide personally identifiable data to us:

  • Newsletters: In order to receive newsletters from EWII, it is necessary for you to provide your email address – otherwise we cannot send them to you.
  • Questionnaires: To learn more about our users, we sometimes conduct surveys at ewii.dk. The questions in these surveys differ, but you can always choose to participate without disclosing who you are – and it is entirely up to you whether you want to answer the questions. Your visit to ewii.dk and your available options at ewii.dk do not depend on whether you participate in the surveys or not. You should never take part in surveys at ewii.dk where the author is not clearly stated and known.
  • Competitions and special offers: We often have competitions or special offers at ewii.dk, where we will typically collect names and email addresses. If this information is shared with other companies, this will be clearly stated in the competition/special offer. It may be a prerequisite for participating in the competition that you accept that EWII or others may contact you afterwards. This will be clearly stated in the competition/special offer. It is always completely up to you whether you wish to participate in competitions and accept special offers.

We collect digital information about your visit to ewii.dk and ewii.dk/login in different ways. This information will never allow us to track you as a person, only the computer from which you visit our site.